Medical Fees

Dr. Nirmala Chand



Upfront cost

Medicare Rebate

Out of Pocket

Skin Check




Pap Smear                    $89.75                                 $39.75  $50
New Patient Fee $126.75 $76.95 $50
Procedures* Please see below    
Mirena/Implanon – Removal TBA TBA TBA

 Dr. Marek Ciarkowski

Bulk Billed: All follow up standard consults. This includes 2 or less general items including scripts, referrals, recalls/results or care plans.


Complex – New Patient Consult Standard/extended

$176.75/$213.30 $76.95/$113.30 $100 
Complex consultation < 15 minutes $ 75.00 $39.75 $35.25
Complex consultation < 30 $126.95 $76.95 $50
Complex consultation < 40 minutes $188.30 $113.30 $75

 IV Iron Therapy

Up-Front Cost  Medicare Rebate  Out-of-Pocket * see also nutrition therapy
$151.95 $76.95 $75
Heal Light Therapy
Up-Front Cost Medicare Rebate Out-of-Pocket  
$93.95 $73.95 $20.00  
IV Nutrition Therapy
Infusions Standalone Vitamin Infusion Price
(Full Rate)
Consult $76.95   *Consult portion will be rebated through Medicare
IV Set + set up  $37.50  
Vitamin C 30g/50ml Please call reception    *Consult and IV set is charged for ALL infusions
Magnesium Sulfate 2.47g/5mL Please call reception  
Glutathione 500mg/10ml Please call reception     
IV B Dose Please call reception    

Myer’s Cocktail – $457.50 (out of pocket)

(IV set + Vitamin C 30mg + Magnesium Sulfate + Glutathione  + IV B) 



Not all procedures are fully covered by Medicare.

Dr Chand will inform you at the time of your initial consultation of any fees that you will incur on the day of your skin procedure.

** Please note that on the day of your procedure, if there are any additional unforeseen treatments requires, there may be added costs **