Telehealth Services

We are now offering bulk-billed telephone consultations to all of our existing patients.
To help us in our efforts to minimise the risk of COVID-19, we encourage patients to use telehealth services as an alternative to face-to-face consults where possible. If you are unsure if a telehealth consult is right for you, please refer to flow chart below:
telehealth services
For telephone consults: Your GP will do their best to contact you at the scheduled time however unexpected delays may occur.
For video consults:  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

We would like to advise patients that due to the nature of telephone consults, doctors will not be able to physically assess patients therefore clinical judgement might be limited and not as comprehensive compared to face-to-face consults.

Scripts issued during a telephone consult will need to be picked up either at reception OR at the pharmacy downstairs; please let your GP know what you prefer.    Please be advised that S8 medication repeats will not be feasible via telephone consults; a face-to-face will be required.